Sunday, September 27, 2009


I failed this year. Not at everything but just about everything. What's that saying "failure is the key to success"??? I don't know, I just know I've failed. From being independent, to school, to my relationship with my parents, friends, and ex girlfriend.
Did allot of running, blaming, arguing, yelling, cursing, wondering, even crying. At the end of all these failures I've grown allot. But I can never escape failure. I failed to take a hint, see the bigger picture, distance myself, most of all I failed on making the right choices. My fault I came at the wrong time, my bad I didn't understand you, sorry I didn't use my head fail because I thought I could fill a gap, not replace but make up for what you didn't have. And even when I did, I fail because I didn't see that you can't drop him over night, I fail for accusing, I fail for being insecure at times, I fail for not LISTENING, I fail for talking too much, I fail for being unstable, I fail for not being your type, I fail for being too nice, I fail for spoiling you, I fail for looking to future memory with you, I fail for past memories with you, I fail for loving you more than a friend should.
All this failure I should be pretty successful right?
They say you can never touch the same water twice, and that you can never get time back, you can interpret
it any way you want.

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