Thursday, May 28, 2009

I stroll where souls get lost like vegas

Even if I gotta go and cop a thing,
get up early an go standing on the block, some how I

Even if I have to sit wit the fellaz
at the round table and come up on a plot

We wear struggling chains
Divided only hustle remains
Making sense of it we hustle for change
Revolution ain't a game
It's another name
For life fighting
Someone to stay in they corner like Mike Tyson
Hypes fighting for hits to heighten they hell
Don't he know he only get as high as he fell
Show money becomes bail
Relationships become jail
Children are unheld
I wish love was for sale
Behold the pale

Might not be such a bad idea if I never, never went home again
I'm on my way home
I left three days ago
But no one seems to know I'm gone
Home is where the hatred is
Home is filled with pain and it
Might not be such a bad idea if I never
Never went home again.

If I cant have you let love set you free
To fly your pretty wings around
pretty wings your pretty wings
your pretty wings your pretty wings around

Monday, May 25, 2009

Comeback season

My Life's a maze,Watch a nigga burn through it, I twist and I turn through it
The driest of droughts, maneuvered and I earned through it
I'm set straight like a perm do it, Got me lookin' to the heavens like a javelin throw
Yall twiddle your thumbs like the average joe
But just as you reap, so shall u sow...

ughhh it's comeback season 4 me.